blue_exposure (blue_exposure) wrote,

Group Hug

I was reading, like I find myself doing on a regular basis, and I found... one of the most philosophical confessions. It was kinda eye-opening. I'll re-post it here...


Ever find yourself at a loss of what to say? It's just an anonymous confession, no one you know will know that it's you. And then you realize, there are things you could say that would give it all away.


You write up everything you want to say. About your boyfriend, about your boyfriend's brother, about fucking your dog...and then you wonder, what if everyone could tell it was you.


You pour your heart out, and just before you press the button to submit it, you realize A or Z or who the hell ever it is this week could know it was you.

so you type...

and you delete.

My confession? My confession is that I love him. My confession is that I want to take him into my arms and smother him with kisses and have the most mind-blowing sex we've ever had.

My confession is that I'm a lesbian, and I love him.

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